Long Island Photo Gallery

See in person, buy local!

G’Morning folks.  As photographers, we love the term “buy local”.   Rather than give money to a corporate black hole, the money goes back into the community, and specifically helps us to keep creating art.  To help with the “buy local” and “support local artists” movements, here in Long Island, NY. we have the Long Island Photo Gallery.
Its is a wonderful little shop, right in the heart of Islip, NY.   It is filled with great artwork by many different local artists, much of it featuring our beautiful north and south shore beaches and waters.
Long Island Photo Gallery – 467 Main St. Islip, NY.
When you visit,  you can browse the walls and see exactly what these beautiful pieces look like and how they will look in your home.   While there, Joanne or Jessica are very helpful, and can walk you through a selection and sales process, whether it be for a piece on the wall, or in a digital catalogue.
The gallery is also a great place just to pop in for some inspiration!  (Especially this time of year – thanks for nuthin, groundhog.)
Of note:  On February 10th, 2017, there will be a reception from 6-8pm, for their new exhibit, “From Dusk to Dawn”.    Hit the link for exhibit and gallery details.

“From Dusk to Dawn”

Long Island has a lot of talented people for you to check out!  Hit the link, hit the store, or give them a call at (888) 600-5474.
Thanks for looking!

Why this Blog???

What I want to do here…

Sometimes, ideas just come rolling in.  This will give me a place to share them.  I’d like to share pictures, talk about equipment, explain some photography technique,  share random inspiration and educational links, cheer on the environment, and probably do some occasional writing.  It will also be platform to alert those who are interested in new shoots.  Basically a place where I can use a few words, in addition to just posting photos.  Another place where I can share links (on the top and right) to some of my work.  My (under construction) website, linked up top will be a place to browse pictures or purchase prints.   This place will be more of a place to have some fun exploring.
Please be patient while I figure this out.   Getting out the kinks, working on design.  Thanks!


A new photography / musings blog…

An Introduction…

I have had the immense privilege of living near our Long Island, NY beaches for most of my life.  Salt runs through my veins like a rip current.  I grew up as a nature boy, a water rat, always exploring anything relating to nature, science, and the ocean.  It provided limitless opportunity for me to learn, from a very early age, the ability to appreciate the beauty, the power, and the mystery that lurked just beyond the reach of the everyday mundane.
I attended S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook where I received my BS in both Biochemistry and Earth and Space Science.  The following twenty years were spent working for a corporation in a science related industry.  It was at this point in my life that my interest began to shift from science to art.  I began to develop my skills in landscape photography.  I then dove into portraiture photography where I self-taught, and grasped, the more technical aspects of photography.
However, I always gravitate back to the beginning, to that lens through which I view the world – my thirst and fascination with the beauty that is just beyond, yet all around us. That place where I find my inner peace. The Ocean is my passion.  To me, it is humbling, affirming, contemplative, meditative, hypnotic, inspirational, divine, – it is my church.  I have had the most incredible peak experiences of my life immersed in it – glimpses of a kind of altered perception from everyday reality.  My photography became a way to try to somehow capture these experiences so that I could somehow share them. I don’t always succeed, but sometimes, I do get an image that captures aspects of these moments.
Thanks for looking!